Kunsan Air Force Base
South Korea

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Kunsan AFB


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Kunsan Air Force Base

Kunsan is an Air Force base, home to 8th Fighter Wing and located in Korea, at 250 km South-East of Seoul. It is one of the only two AF installations in Korea and commanded by Colonel Charles Q. "Wolf" Brown Jr. The base dates back to 1938, but it was used by the US for the first time in 1945. Throughout its history is has aided the good execution of commands for F-16 Flying Falcons, F-100 Super Sabers and Phantom IIs. All these aircraft can be found at the base at the moment.

The base is named after the near-by city of Kunsan (also known as Gunsan) and has a primary objective of training troops in the field of airlift and air combat missions for the Far East. The base hasn't been involved in any missions recently apart from the Operational Readiness Exercise of November the 7th 2007. Because of its strategic importance the base is heavily popularized by the press.

Accomodation is to be decided upon arrival at the base, so there is no accommodation for outsiders. However, DoD officials will always find possibility for accommodation in there.

The educational facilities are rather poor, but bearing in mind the fact that the base is situated on a quite remote island, it is understandable. The troops also have little recreational facilities. The logo of the base is also the logo for the 8th Fighter Wing, a wolf cranium. It symbolizes strength and determination to accomplish a mission. Historically-speaking, this is what the base has done: it has trained people for being true patriots. This was seen throughout the Cold War of the '70s and '80s. Neither the demographics nor the size of the base are known.